What Is The The Landscapers Educational Institute?

Hey everyone! We’re rolling out this landscaping educational program for any one aspiring to open their own landscaping business. What information will you come across in this website? We’ll cover everything from the skills needed to be a successful landscaping business owner to a comprehensive marketing plan that you’ll be able to implement within your business.

Why are we qualified to train landscaping business owners?

We’re compromised of 3 individuals who have run successful landscaping business enterprises for a combined 60 years. We’ve been through the trenches, experienced all the ups and downs in this business that you can think of, and we’ve all come out successful with a lot of great knowledge to share. We’ll be introducing new modules to our educational program every week, so if you’re serious about being the best landscaper you can be, get ready to cram in studying into your schedule just like you did in the college days.

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