Landscaping Institute Training: Module 1

So what does it take to own a professional landscaping company? The most important factors are how you’re going to handle things when they don’t go your way. Running any business comes with “problems” and headaches that will come at unexpected times. Depending on how you handle these situations can dictate if your company makes money or loses money. Before we get into the details of operating your business, we want to make sure you understand the core values that you must grasp and harness to truly be successful. We’re going to use a reference for you that should put things in perspective. If you think of your company as navigating through a jungle, you can clearly see what your roll is as the owner/operator of your business. If you and your landscaping team are making your way through thick jungle and all of you had a machete, you could make solid progress and start covering some serious ground. But what if the direction you’re heading is leading you to a cliff and you have to turn back and do double the amount of work to get out? Your job as a leader is to climb to the top of the tallest tree, find the proper direction you should be going in, than manage your team in executing through the jungle. In order to effectively lead, you must develop a great character ethic to lead your team to prosperity.

The most important character traits all successful landscaping business owners have are integrity, perseverance, honesty, trust, and loyalty. If you keep these things in mind while conducting any business operation, you can’t really go wrong. The landscaping industry is no different. Customers appreciate companies that work hard, show up on time, and consistently leave the landscape their working on in immaculate condition. Even though these character traits might seem obvious, the reason we bring these points up is because the landscaping business is becoming more and more competitive every day. ¬†Competing businesses are constantly trying to under cut your prices regardless of the quality of work that they do. Selling clients on the quality of your companies work and the pro’s of using a licensed, bonded, and insured company over one that’s not is going to be a huge part of your success. We’ll cover¬†informational marketing and how it will separate you from everyone else and dramatically increase sales in another module. One Company that offers the best landscaping scottsdale az has to offer used these principles to build a solid list of clients over the past 6 years. The company is NTS Landscaping Contractors located in sunny Scottsdale Arizona. NTS has amazed customers by their impeccably excellent service and complete transparency in all of their projects.

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